If you want a fabulous event that runs to time, leaves the attendees looking forward to the next event and raises more than ever for charity then the answer is probably yes!

Master of Ceremonies, M.C. or Emcee, it doesn’t matter how you spell it, the role is the same. My job at your event is to keep everything moving smoothly and on time. The advantage of having a magician as your M.C. is that as well as my evening cabaret show, I also have some great tricks that can be slotted into the proceedings to fill any gaps that might occur, maybe your star speaker has just nipped to the loo! Yes that happens!

What events need an M.C.?

My job here is simple, to get your guests to donate as much as possible. I do this in a fun way using all my skills from thousands of hours working an audience. I just must stop myself from bidding too often!
Here I keep the event to time and smooth any gaps. I also keep the mood and energy in the room upbeat on what can be a long evening, especially if you don’t win!
My role here is not only to introduce the speakers but also to keep all the delegates informed about the proceedings throughout the day. I can also host any Q&A sessions.
We all love a good party. Enjoy some close-up magic during the drinks reception. After the main course I can perform my evening cabaret show before introducing any other entertainment you may have.

I have spent most of my life on stages of various sizes and in various guises!

I started as a musician playing in bands as diverse as a 40 piece swing band to a country and western duo, taking in some “heavy Metal”, a bit of Jazz and some indie rock.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I discovered magic, I bought my son a magic set for Christmas and soon started “borrowing” tricks to take down the pub!

I soon joined the prestigious The Magic Circle where I was also awarded a Silver Star! Gold stars are reserved for magicians who’s names you actually recognise!

One thing I noticed was, at the best events, the ones that moved along seamlessly, with lots of energy and fun, there was always someone at the helm, a Master of Ceremonies!

Use the form to fill in your details. We can then schedule a 30 minute no obligation, video call.

Once you decide that you need my services, I have a tried and tested “road map” that starts with an initial questionnaire. We will then arrange planning meetings, either in person or over zoom to find out exactly what you require and how you wish your event to run.